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Carbonara Sauce Tteokbokki


  • A convenient way to enjoy Tteokbokki, the representative snack of Korea
  • The popular type of Tteokbokki with sweet and spicy soup. After finishing tteokbokki, it is good to have noodle, dumplings, rice etc. with the soup. or, you can enjoy delicious pasta noodles if cooked it together with the sauce.
  • Easy to cook with 2 minutes 30 seconds in microwave to deliver the taste of memories of old tteokbokki.
  • Good for kids snacks and night out during camping and other outdoor activities
  • Can be stored at room temperature, easy to carry, and packaged separately

Carbonara Sauce Tteokbokki

Product Specifications

  • Contents : Tteok for Tteokbokki (imported rice) 140g / seasoning (powder + ingredients), 20g of fork included
  • Cooking method: Put the tteok and soup into the container, add the preheated water up to the water line marked on the container, then put it in the microwave oven with the lid slightly raised, cook for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Product Description

Division Contents
Name Tteok Dream Tteokbokki with Carbonara Sauce
Weight(g) Contents 160g (140g Tteokbokki, soup 20g)
1 Box 16 EA
Box Size 510*260*260
Supply Price(won) -
Bar Code 18809083498136
Distributor Minsoktteokmaeul
Storage at room temperature
Expiration Date 12 months from date of manufacture


  • Be careful not to get burn when you cook microwave oven.
  • You can smell alcohol after opening, which is used during processing, but you can rest assured that it will be removed while cooking.
  • Please do not eat it if you get irritating odor or if the product is deformed due to small holes in the wrapping paper due to impact or breakage during opening the product or the distribution process.And then please contact the stores where the product is purchased or the company.