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Our company began as Minsok Tteok Maeul back in February 2000. Since then, for 19 years, we have produced and delivered traditional tteok products to group food services and department stores.

Learning from the wisdom and everyday lives of our ancestors, our company has researched and developed traditional tteok recipes that can deliver the best taste and thoughtfulness to customers. Also, we have always dreamed of leading the way in supplying tteok worldwide.

It is our dream to export our traditional food tteok to not only Koreans living all over the globe,
but to sell them to different people worldwide so they can eat our traditional tteok as a meal replacement.

Our company’s brand is Tteok Dream.
We dream of supplying our dreams and hopes to every country in the world.

Everyone at Minsok Tteok Maeul has worked hard to develop and supply tteok as a functional food item based on the philosophy to create the best tasting, best looking, and most thoughtful food (tteok) that can hold its own anywhere in the world. To do so, our company has worked with developers and, partly, the academia with the relevant know-how for several years to create a research-oriented corporate image, and to popularize our traditional food among the modern public.